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Our Coaches are focused on form and injury prevention before anything else. We believe in smaller class sizes so we can provide the best coaching to all of our athletes. We create a fun and challenging atmosphere in Blue Diamond where all levels of athletes are welcome and given the same amount of attention!Our Facility is located at one end of the 1.5mile East Longmeadow Rail Trail. We offer a kids play area, plenty of workout space, artificial turf, men’s and women’s locker rooms with 2 showers in each, and plenty of outdoor space! Our Equipment includes: an infinity rig, rings, barbells, bumper plates, speed ropes (jump ropes), medicine balls, Concept II Rowers, Assault Bike, kettlebells, plyo-boxes, abmats, atlas stones, ropes for climbing, Olympic Lifting competition plates, barbells & platform… and you! We do bodyweight exercises like air squats, push-ups, handstand push-ups……The possibilities are endless!