(413) 374-4212 bluediamondfit@gmail.com

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, NAUI Certified Scuba Diver

Occupation: Law Student at WNEU

Year you started CrossFit: 2018

Sports/Fitness Background: Division 1 Baseball at UMass Amherst, Soccer, Skiing

Favorite Benchmark/Hero WOD: “Karen” and “Coffland”

Favorite Lift: Clean and Dumbbell Snatch

Favorite moment in your CrossFit career: Competing in my first CrossFit competition during the Winter-in-House Comp.

Your goal for coaching CFBD athletes: Encourage athletes to push themselves to become their best while making the time spent at the gym one of the best parts of their day. 

1 thing everyone should know about you: I can’t dance well but I do dance often

Class time when you workout: 6:00am

1 thing you want someone new to CrossFit to know: CrossFit is for anyone and everyone! It is a safe and effective program that is well suited for people of all occupations, ages, and athletic abilities. And above all, I cannot emphasize enough how great of a community CrossFit is, especially here at Blue Diamond.