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Crossfit Level 1
Brand X Method
Kids Trainer Certificate

Occupation: Second Grade Teacher

Year You Started Crossfit: 2018

Sports & Fitness Background: Danielle grew up doing competitive gymnastics and cheerleading. She began her coaching career as a cheerleading coach for local high schools. Danielle has taught adult fitness classes such as Barre Above.

Favorite Benchmark/Hero WOD: Karen

Favorite Moment in your Crossfit Career: Getting my first pullup during an open workout!

Goal for Coaching: To help instill a love of fitness in children in a safe and fun way!

Class Time you Workout: 4:30

Thing You Want Someone New to Crossfit to Know: Crossfit is for anyone. As a teacher we are always trying to differentiate our curriculum to meet the needs of all of our students and Crossfit does such a great job of that. When you walk into Crossfit Blue Diamond you’ll notice all of our athletes doing the same workout but with modifications that are just right for them. It doesn’t matter your age, fitness experience, or athletic background you can do Crossfit!